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Clean Production Environments Reduce Waste, Increase Yield, and Promote Employee Safety

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

It is well known that there are different factors to consider if business activities of an industrial nature are carried out, two of the most important factors (and unfortunately the most overlooked) are organization and cleanliness. Although these indicators are usually perceived as aesthetic purposes rather than efficiency indicators, a clean production environment has a positive impact on all different sectors of the production process. Especially those related to manufacturing and production line workstations that make it up. It is therefore vital to take both factors into account if you want to achieve excellence in terms of waste reduction, yield increase, and employee safety.

The organization factor has a significant impact on sites made up of multiple work stations, as it allows warehouses and other work spaces adjacent to the production process to be structured correctly in such a way that each element to be used (tools, raw material, machinery) are arranged in a specific area. Organization helps production workers locate the tools and materials necessary to complete a job (significant improving staff performance), mainly due to the fact that they will begin to considerably reduce the time associated with the search and selection of materials (an action that usually leads to a relevant leisure time) thanks to the efficient assignment of work stations.

A clean work area (free of any dirt or pollution) is mandatory if your company works with an edible or perishable product, which must be isolated and free of any bacteria or microorganism that may deteriorate the health of its consumers. A clean workstation is vital if you want to make a good impression on your customer, because it will associate a clean and tidy work space with a safe and reliable product.

Advantages of a clean and orderly production process

Some of the benefits associated with a clean and orderly production environment have already been pointed out; however, it is necessary to highlight two significant advantages associated with it.

The first advantage is related to employee safety, a production process that is in optimal condition of order and hygiene can ensure the physical health of all those individuals who are part of it. Employees will be less exposed to the different harmful elements (such as particle bursts from weld stations) and isolated from dangerous work areas (industrial processing, sorting stations, etc). A work environment in excellent condition significantly improves the safety of the employees and ensures quality production. Safety helps minimizes the level of mental fatigue and stress, which will result in a higher level of interest and concentration.

The second advantage associated is the significant improvement in the quality of product, since it will not be exposed to "strange" elements (such as metal particles, pieces of wood, bacteria, emanations of other types, etc.). Any food company must take these indicators into account if it wishes to comply with the different statutes and regulations that determine the sanitary conditions necessary for the development of operations and care of products.

What tools can be used to improve the conditions of a production process?

If you want to improve the conditions of your process, there are a variety of isolation products we offer help to carry out the process of delimitation and protection of work spaces. If you want to delimit an area of the production process without interrupting its flow and without blocking the visibility of the employees, our softwall enclosure and softwall curtains represent a great option. If your company works in the food or pharmaceutical sector, you are required to maintain a clean work area and isolate it from any type of emanation, dirty particles, and contaminants. Our softwall enclosures and softwall curtains will allow you to keep the product in the best conditions. If your company stores finished product, our vinyl strip curtains are the best option for your warehouse. Thanks to the composition of our vinyl strip curtains, your product can avoid the passage of any bacteria, particle or microorganism capable of accelerating the deterioration of your products.

Where can you find such products?

If you want to implement any of the isolation products mentioned above, here at Apex isolation, our products offer a high level of quality that guarantees the care of your product. Our isolation products are strictly designed to help you comply with all the rules and safety regulations associated with your industry.



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