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Increase Cold Storage Efficiency and Yield With Isolation Strip Curtains

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Have you ever heard about cold storage? Probably you had but have you ever wondered why does it matter? Cold storage is a safe and a reliable way to keep packaged food in an optimal condition, due to that, many different levels of the market (especially those related with fruits, vegetables, eggs, meat, and other consumable goods) prefer this method to avoid their products from spoil.

One of the most known methods to achieve cold storage is the design of facilities usually known as cold rooms; the function of a cold room is to prolong the shelf life of fresh foods while avoiding the proliferation of any bacteria that may adversely affect the health of the consumer. Cold rooms can also be used to reduce the amount of waste related with certain kind of products (like fish and meat products) and the monetary losses associated with decomposition.

Every cold storage facility must comply with the USDA regulations, specifically related with sanitation standards, operating procedures, safety and security guidelines for the transportation of meat, poultry, eggs, and egg products and those concerned with food refrigeration. All the mentioned regulations work as a guideline for every product related to the food industry, and therefore they must be followed for every sector that design cold storage related items.

Over the years many technologies have been introduced to the cold storage market in order to provide convenience for all those who need to protect the kind of goods that are prone to spoil, and many of them are a beneficial plus for the accessible cold room. However, the best-known technologies for temperature maintenance in cold rooms, is USDA grade strip curtains.

The strip curtains are an excellent option for companies that want to apply a fresh and economic strategy the cold storage industry will respect. Based on the composition, USDA grade strip curtains will be compatible with low operating temperature which will help you to achieve excellent results. In addition to that, strip curtains provide excellent conditions that will help you maintain goods and also help you to avoid any contamination or transmission of infectious agents.

Apex Isolation offers the perfect strip curtain that will be a massive plus to your cold room. Our cold storage isolation strip curtains facilitate proper isolation and it will help you

maintain an optimal temperature in your USDA grade coolers and freezers regardless of external conditions or the kind of food your company handles. Thanks to the efficient design, you can install it in cold rooms and in reefer trucks, which will allow you to protect your goods for any sudden thermal variation or contamination when making multiple deliveries. Our product contains the highest quality standards and our product will also help you comply with USDA regulations regarding temperature control. We can assure you that we are the best option for you in conservation matters related to cold storage and cold transportation. Take control of your environment now and reduce operating cost while increasing yield.



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